The Farm Run

We’re a modern milk run delivering milk bottles, eggs, bread and fruit and veg boxes in Edinburgh. For your convenience we top up Ecover washing up and laundry liquids.

We have tried various produce over the last ten years, always being reliable at delivering glass bottle milk, organic fruit veg, eggs and bread as our staple. We’ve delivered meat straight from the butcher, fish from the fishmonger, cheeses from the maker. For some reason people crave fresh produce.

Taking food straight from the farm to your doorstep means you can buy the freshest food possible. You can find out exactly where your produce comes from and know that you are supporting small local businesses and helping the local economy.

With us Fresh means Fresh.

Our produce is fully traceable back to the producer.

Milk is delivered in traditional glass bottles.


We check phone messages and emails daily, so don’t hesitate to contact us