Eco Supplies

What is that? and why do we do it?

It’s hard to get some things from supermarkets. They don’t top up cleaning product containers. They don’t stock biodegradable bin liners or biodegradable dishwasher tabs. One of our core ethics is reducing waste and not filling the world up with plastics, nor poisoning it!

Some peoples topping up containers have lasted twenty years. Most plastic that has been created since the second world war still floats around somewhere.

All these products are fully biodegradable, essential for happy rivers and seas.

We’ve started getting Bio-D products as they are made in the UK and not tested on animals and a little bit cheaper than Ecover. Ecover are now such a big mega European company their name is getting tarnished. Ecover wanted to pilot GM algae to make soaps!

Ecover Dishwasher Tablets x25, 500g£4.80
Biodegradable Bin liners - 30 Small bin 17" x 18"£1.50
Biodegradable Bin liners -15 Larger bin 22" x 30"£1.50

How to top up your laundry or washing up liquid containers?

If you’re a customer, attach your name to the container somehow and leave it to be taken away. It’s then topped up and returned next time we deliver. We now print a discrete label that doesn’t wash off with your name on it so we know it’s your container.

Ecover Laundry Liquid£1.60 / 500ml
Ecover Washing up liquid£1.25 / 500ml
Ecover Hand washing Liquid£2.00 / 250ml
Ecover Fabric Conditioner£1.80 / 1lt