Garvald Organic Bread


Garvald Edinburgh is a charity and the bakery is based in Gorgie Road. It provides valuable opportunities for people with learning difficulties. Each loaf is organic hand kneaded and contains no anti mould ingredients.

Only the wholemeal and white loaves are available Monday and Tuesdays.

We’ve started ordering all the Garvald bread on Sunday night for the week.


Wholemeal Small 400gTined loaf baked with quality (70%) UK flour£1.70
Wholemeal Large 800gTined loaf baked with quality (70%) UK flour£2.50
Country White 400gRound Soft 100% white loaf£1.70
Linseed 800gWholemeal packed with linseeds, topped with sunflower seeds£2.80
Oatmeal 800gTopped with rolled oats, perfect for toasting£2.80
Tibetan Barley Bread 800gMixed flours including roasted barley flour and millet£2.80
Italian Walnut 400gNutty loaf made with olive oil and raisins£3.00
Malt Bread 400gA smooth malted loaf £1.90
Sourdough Small 400gSourdough if you like it£1.90
Sourdough Large 800gSourdough if you like it£3.00
Olive Loaf 450gWholemeal loaf with chopped Olives£2.30
Sun Dried Tomato 450gThe name says it all£2.10
Pumpkin and Sunflower Seed 450gLoaf full of Pumpkin and Sunflower seeds£2.10
Spelt Loaf 450gHard to get Organic Spelt flour.
The most ancient variety