How it works

How to change your order?

That’s easy. 

Most people now email. We always try to confirm your change, but sometimes don’t if there isn’t time.

Or you can leave a message on the answer phone. We always check before the run goes out at Noon.

Or the old fashioned way is to leave a message with your returned bottles or packaging, don’t hide it though.

How much notice do I need to give?

Tricky one.

Quite often we have to order produce days ahead. So it’s best to give plenty of notice

How to pay?

Most people now pay online with BACs.

We take cheques, just leave it with the bottles in an old envelope, safe and traceable

Cash is fiddly and if it goes missing then it creates suspicion. Not the best way.

If you pay by BACS as the reference use your customer account number ONLY. URN (unique reference number) on the bills. No other words please. Email me for details.

We now take direct debits. Here’s the form to fill in to return.


Do we deliver to flats and Tenements?

Not a favourite because of tricky access and lots of stairs. They take longer to deliver to. We do deliver to some tenements, but as a rule need a key to get in the outer door, it’s rude buzzing everyone in your stairwell. If it’s a veg box we take it up as it’s a high value thing. If it’s a milk delivery we’ll leave it ground floor or first floor. Ideally in a cool bag as it’s out of sight and easier to carry up.