milk bottles


Well, milk is such a thorny issue these days. With farmers being underpaid by supermarkets that can afford to sell milk for a loss to get people through their doors. Dairy farmers are giving up their herds all the time. Soon you won’t want to know where your milk comes from. Mega cow sheds are coming to the UK. Untill now most dairy farmers are actually really good in terms of husbandry and feeding their dairy cows.

Since I’ve started delivering over ten years ago, I’ve seen the first dairy give up, then Orchard Farm Dairy gave up. Then Millars next who processed traditional milk into glass bottles went belly up in 2012.

Currently we’re getting glass bottle milk from McQueens. Who are a family run business. They’ve set up a bottling plant in Glasgow. The aim is to get single source milk back again.

We like delivering pints in traditional glass bottles. This saves on the waste of land fill and avoids wasting fossil fuels moving and recycling plastics. We believe milk keeps better and tastes better when stored in glass. Do you know if milk in plastic containers is food safe?

Pints available in

  • Skimmed

  • Semi-Skimmed

  • Full Cream

Milk and Cream Prices

Pint of milk 72P

250ml double cream £1.30