Milk in Edinburgh 2018

Here’s a quick summary of the milk situation in Edinburgh at the moment. We’ve been getting McQueens pints for a few years but as they’ve put their prices up significantly twice in the last year we’re looking elsewhere. 72p a pint is about normal all over the UK.

I’m going to try Wiseman milk as it the way milk should be, with cream at the top and with an organic version and it means I don’t have to put prices up. Hopefully adding a few hundred pints to a Lorry already coming to Edinburgh won’t tip the environmental balance of nature.

Mossgiel Farm should have pints available in glass very soon. That’d be the milk we’d choose.

Wee Isle dairy’s milk is great but the logistics from Gigha and the 1Lt bottles make it well over £1/pint.

Here’s a table to show the milk suppliers different milks

Scottish Fair Price to farmer Single source organic not homogenised
Wiseman PINT 72p NO NO NO NO YES
Wiseman Organic Pint 90p NO NO NO YES NO
Mossgiel Pint 81p YES YES YES YES YES

The only milkman to deliver in ‘The Beast from the East’

Looks like we were the only functioning milkmen in Edinburgh with the snowy conditions. No milkless customers with us. Snow Tyres, a spade, grit and a lot of trudging are what’s needed.

For delivering the milk in this crazy weather – when the supermarkets had run out. What stars!!   Val 3/3/18

Heroic effort getting us our box this week, thank you.   Anna 2/3/18

Well done for all your had work delivering last week when the rest of the city was at a standstill. We were the only people we know not panicking about the lack of milk!   Joanna 5/3/18