Oxenfoord Organic fruit and veg boxes




We deliver organic fruit and veg boxes from Oxenfoord Walled Garden. The garden is in the countryside just outside Edinburgh near Pathead. This certified organic garden specialises in tomatoes, salad crops and soft fruits (when in season). What is is in your box is a mixture of what’s grown in Oxenford, what’s grown locally and what’s bought in (people expect onions out of season and fruit that just isn’t local).

What’s in a box?

A box scheme is a sure way of getting an amount of seasonal organic produce into your kitchen. In a standard veg box there’s a general set of stock items such as potatoes, carrots and onions that people expect. The rest of a box is a variety of vegetables or fruit depending on the season. To cater to different tastes we can provide more local boxes, where you can exclude far away things. The Scottish only boxes don’t include mushrooms and apples which the UK boxes do. The default boxes have international fruit and veg, you need to order UK or Scottish only if that’s what you want.


We can tailor boxes with a few simple preferences. Such as no potatoes, more onions, no onions. Whatever you want or don’t want

Order exactly what you want

If you use Oxenfoord Organics website you can order exactly what you want with a simple tick list.  Just remember to fill in your contact details otherwise we won’t know who it’s from. It’s perfect for people who don’t want a regular box just one when required.

Order here.

All fruit and veg boxes packaging is reusable.

Some people prefer to get a bag or box fortnightly if they don’t get through everything. The larger bags and boxes have larger amounts and more types of item in them.

Small VegUK only/ Scotland only/ International£1110 items
Small Mixed fruit and vegUK only/ Scotland only/ International£1110 items
Large VegUK only/ Scotland only/ International£1615 items
Large Mixed fruit and vegUK only/ Scotland only/ International£1615 items