Tiphereth Firewood

If anyone burns wood to stay warm we can deliver kindling bags and hardwood bags from Colinton’s very own community firewood project up at Tiphereth. They’re a charity providing valuable work for people with support needs. Alongside their community compost and organic jams they’ve branched out into firewood. The firewood is kiln dried to below 20% moisture so it can be burnt straight away (ideally taken indoors where the moisture content should be lower, aprox7%). It’s £5 a 40lt kindling bag and £6 a 40lt hardwood bag. Currently the hardwood is Alder, which when dry is excellent firewood, and what gunpowder charcoal used to be made from.

hardwood c1

Hardwood Bag £6, pint bottle for scale

kindling c1

KindlingBag £5, pint bottle for scale